About this Site

When I first launched this site back in 2014, my goal was to create a common space for ideas of hope, redemption and reinvention to thrive. The lens was fairly broad. I'd write about camping, creating, community, music, art and some of my favorite people in between. Fast forward three or four years and I'm proud to say things are still going strong.

Even though the site has my name on it, this is a place for us - you, me and other readers who are trying to make the world a better place one little day at a time. So please do share with friends, family and coworkers who might enjoy the stories. 

Looking Ahead

I love writing and plan to do a heck of a lot more. While I'm still tinkering with the optimal output and cadence, my goal is to lock down routine days and times to deliver everyone fresh and inspiring reads. It's a lot to juggle between my full time job, marriage and kids, but the encouragement and support I get from friends and strangers alike is enough to tell me we're onto something.

Thank you for being a part of the journey and do feel free to share with others.

And for all of the artists, creators, athletes, writers, dreamers and doers - I'm always open to collaborative pieces so hit me up anytime!

Affiliate links and banners

The world is a little cloudy these days, so I provide this information as a means of being as transparent as possible. I strive to provide every reader a unique and enjoyable experience with all aspects of my site. If ever you feel advertisements are irrelevant, obstructive, insensitive or annoying, please tell me. I do my best to keep them to a minimum and pride myself in only partnering with programs, content and product that I stand by personally. Any compensation that comes from these efforts goes directly into the maintenance of this blog and its upkeep. Thusly, links on my site may vary between affiliate, resourceful external links and internal links to other relevant content I've written.

The fact remains, this site is a marketplace for ideas and thought. The main transaction is knowledge share. 

Thank you

I'm so glad you're here. This is only the beginning. #AdventureInEverything