Yep, Still an Adventure

Don't be too quick to shoot down your experience as sub par. Adventure comes in all shapes and sizes and sometimes calling a challenge by a proper name can make all the difference. I encourage you to recognize the adventures in your life and see them through.

"We left at 9pm, and only made it 20 miles down the dirt road that night (instead of the 27 we'd planned) and had to set up camp in the dark" - Yep, still an adventure.

"I'd planned on riding the full loop, but I got a flat on the final stretch. I tried to patch it with some duct tape I found in my bag and it just wouldn't take. So I flagged down some kids in a pickup and they drove me back to my car." - Yep, still an adventure.

"We spent all week packing and planning. I could see the top of the mountain, but my kids tuckered out and sat right where they stood, refusing to go another step." - Yep, still an adventure.

"I spent 5 years trying to climb the corporate ladder before I kinda just woke up one day and admitted what I knew all along. This isn't for me. So now I'm applying for jobs in a field that's totally foreign and we'll see what happens." - Yep, still an adventure.

"This whole having a kid thing is throwing us for a loop. We have to budget and sacrifice and make super big decisions nearly every day." - Yep, still an adventure.

"I found this dog on the side of the road and after days of looking for its owners, maybe it's time I just make my home his own." - Yep, still an adventure.

"We always knew her learning style was unique but "Autism Spectrum"...that was a surprise. We're learning how to navigate life to best serve her needs and it's becoming totally clear that life is going to be very different from here on out." - Yep, still an adventure.

"My husband got really sick and couldn't work, so I had to step up and find a solution for the man who usually came to my rescue. It's crazy how the roles can flip, but I'm rising to the occasion and won't let our family down." - Yep, still an adventure.

"Depression followed me like a silent shackle, twisting every experience I had last year. I'm finally breaking through the fog and am ready to leave that in the past." - Yep, still an adventure.

We have many names for our struggles in life, like challenges, hurdles, roadblocks, curveballs, bad days, hard seasons, ruts, and so on. All that can weigh on you. I've found that if you take a different line and embrace a fresh perspective, these things we once hated turn into the greatest adventures life has to offer. 

So when life gives you lemons, think yep, still an adventure.

There may still be miles and miles before you find your way home. There may be stiff winds and big waves along the way. Nothing says it will be peachy, but seeing the adventure in it already puts you lightyears ahead.