What Action Sports Taught My Professional Grind

I've done SEO, content marketing, editorial, worked in hospitals, restaurants and camps.

I've long since cut my wild hair, but I'm not taking off my Vans. Action Sports lessons have brought me through my professional grind just fine, and to that, I owe my feet.

No matter your feat, consider these truths and I promise you'll enjoy the ride...

1) People Gravitate Toward Dudes Not Sirs

Be approachable. Get psyched on other people's pursuits. Stay humble and never take yourself too serious.

The second you do, others won't.

2) Build Kickers With Whatever You've Got

My childhood ramps started from the ground up...maybe the dirt up to be precise--from extremely humble beginnings. We got bolder and graduated to the prestigious plywood,wood glue,duct tape combos that stayed together through sheer willpower and good fortune, for they surely lacked structural integrity. 

What I'm saying is life will grant you better resources as you go. What's important is committing full speed to that which will make you soar no matter how pretty the launch is.

3) You're Gonna Case

Don't hope for it, but brace for the tag. Sometimes you'll land short, but if you hold on tight you'll ride things out.

4) True Yourself

Your character will have some squeaky spokes from time to time. It's indicative of use, but if you want to roll smooth and straight you'll need to address those flaws and tighten up. And admitting you may need the help of a more skilled mechanic to tune things up is no shame.

5) Classic Never Goes Out of Style

Learn the fundamentals from the forefathers and respect the heritage of whatever you face. A clicked turndown will never fade but somewhere, someone did it before you on a ride way less up to par. 

Give credit where credit is due.

6) But Add Your Own Take

Subtle innovation to classic has drastic effect. Compliment iconic style with your own tweaks. Bring opinion and statement to the table to define the next chapter. And own it.

7) Let Your Riding Speak for Itself

If you're that good you don't need to tell anyone. Work ethic drives results. Commentary and convincing are subjective and annoying without actions.

If you can do it, prove it.

8) Respect the Locals

Learn to appreciate the culture and foundation that precedes your arrival. There's a time and place for change but a voice without clout is a pester. Show interest, clean up after yourself and invest before you imply.

9) Send It

Try things far outside your comfort level with unapologetic bliss. It's the only way you're ever gonna grow. Pedal and hold on to what you've learned to find where you will land. 

A bigger gap's not too much different than a small one--it just takes more balls.

10) Get Up After the Fall

Don't be afraid of dirt and scars. Everyone who is anyone has a few. Just don't hang up the gloves. A crash, a dead end, a washout--they're all invitations to start the next chapter.

And this one's called "Rise".

It may take years, reevaluation, reconsideration, reconstruction or reform. 

But passion will never stop whispering to your heart so the sooner you get back up the sooner you'll fly, again.

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