Unreal Adventure Vehicles and My Week With Red Bull

Every so often I have a week where I really feel like a writer. 

I realize this must sound strange.

I mean, my mind is always thinking like a writer. I'm observing, asking questions, drafting.

But then there's a week where I get an assignment from Red Bull that earns 2k shares in one day, I get to try my hand at writing scripts at work and copy I wrote for one of our clients lands on a major, local news segment.

I feel truly blessed.

And I'm thankful to have had a canvas or two this week.

We creatives start to go a little wild without a release. We have to create. It's primal. We have to build. When we're not exploring, we start to feel the walls closing in and the world seems off kilter. More than usual, anyway.

But hey, I started this blog to inspire adventure and if Red Bull sees fit to propel my adventurous stories to the masses, maybe I'm doing something right.

Big shout outs to Josh Sampiero over at Zooom for having some faith in me and for dudes like my brother in law, Timmy Ham aka IAMSLOTH, who inspire me to stay on my grind.

And huge shout outs to people like Mrs. Gordon and Professor Mort Rosenblum, who taught me through the years and reminded me that words can put food on my table if I stay the course. Little did I know my high school Language Arts and Journalism courses at the UofA would have me freelancing for Austrian media companies by night and cranking out content strategy by day.

Chalk this week up as a win.


My story made the redbull.com homepage today! It's gotten well over 10K shares in under a week and it's not showing any signs of slowing down! So pumped!

screenshot-www.redbull.com 2014-09-18 09-43-22.png