Top Reasons Why Dogs Walk People

A recent study featured on National Geographic tipped me off to some of the science behind domestic dogs and why they’ve grown more friendly to humans than other canine relatives. Quite fascinating, really.

It reminded me of some research I’ve been conducting on my own to discover once and for all why dogs walk people. The results may shock you. Using a process based on hypothesis alone, I’ve untapped the following:

Rhodesian Ridgeback Male

1) Dogs know that sitting is the leading cause of many avoidable diseases.

2) Dogs hate Netflix.

3) Dogs wish people were more social.

4) Dogs want people to take things one step at a time after a hard day.

5) Dogs dig fresh air over AC.

6) Dogs don’t like your beer belly or your love handles.

7) Every dog dreams of bigger yards and new fields.

8) Dogs like showing off their best friend to the whole neighborhood.

9) Dogs need some time to reflect on the day.

10) Dogs love sunsets.

11) Dogs are morning people.

12) Dogs don’t like The Bachelor.

13) Dogs don’t use Instagram. Ok, some do.

14) It’s hard work eating all of your crumbs.

15) Direwolves give them nightmares.

16) Sit, stay, rollover are so predictable. They want jump, climb, sprint.

17) Because peeing in the wild is so much fun.

Read more about my dog Samwise (yes, like Gamgee) here. He's a Rhodesian Ridgeback.