Times They Are a Changing

Thursday is typically another day of the week.

But this Thursday I meet you. I get a glimpse into the future. 

I've been reserved, partly conscious of placing too much hope in one basket. Unsure of whether our first child will be a boy or a girl. Waiting to plan out camping trips and bike rides or daddy daughter dates and stories at bed time. Trying to keep my anticipation in check until I know who you are.

And I'm thankful for whoever you are.

Saving money, not having time to sleep, college funds, doctor visits, changing a diaper; all of that is a little daunting. But as for being a dad, and as for teaming up with Dani to raise you ... I've got total faith we're going to kill it.

We make a great team and we've got amazing support all around us. I can't wait to teach you about God. Can't wait to show you that everyone you meet was created by His hand and that everybody is so very valuable. Can't wait to show you how to build a friendship. Can't wait to mend your poetic eyes and craft your taste in music. I can't wait to teach you that true strength has little to do with muscles. I can't wait to answer your questions and pour into your soul.

You're entering this world at a crazy time. People are glued more to their phones than their convictions, there are religious wars and race riots, people in debt, broken homes and so much more. The world needs more heroes. Do not be discouraged. Rather, know that the stage is set for you to lift up the fallen and invest in love. 

We'll help you.

We've been practicing with Asher and Eden. They are your cousins and the Ham Fam is unreal. And they live right down the street!

And I have sisters. Two of them. And you can bet they'll be taking you on all sorts of adventures. 

And Dani has a brother Stefan who is wise beyond his years. He's already shaping the hearts of young men and women so he'll be a pro when it's your time.

I trust that your mom and I will give you your daily bread but protect you from overindulgence. We'll teach you that enough is truly enough and that giving is the way to happiness. We'll nurture your curiosity for those in need. We'll show you hidden trails and watch the sun go down. You and I will plan surprises for mom and we'll write her little letters. 

And I know you'll teach me. And I can tell you're stoked, too. You've been kicking my hands at night. I know you're ready to start.

So Thursday it is.

Thursday used to be just another day in the week. But this Thursday, I get another reason to be a better me every day of the week.

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