The ABCs of Marketing Agencies

A is for Artwork, Awards and Accounting

B is for Buzzwords like "Bolster" and "Branded"

C is Clients, Checkpoints and Concepts

D is for Due Dates, Dynamic, Data and Deadlines

E is for Everyone's Entrepreneurial Energy

F is for Focus and Feature

G is for Google, Guru and "Ground It"

H is for Hashtag #HappyHour, Hero and Headline

I is for Influencers, Increase and Investment

J is for Java

K is for Keurig

L is for Lookalikes and LMGTFY

M is for Meetings on Meetings on Meetings

N is for NDAs, Notepads and Notecards 

O is for Optimizations, Organic and Offsite

P is for Pitching, Portfolios, Presentations and Panels

Q is for Quarters 

R is for Reply-Alls, Reels and Rewrites

S is for Search, Sales, Scripting and Shooting

T is for Teamwork, Testing and Taglines

U is for Uptick

V is for Velocity and Vodka

W is for Whiteboards and Whiskey

X is for "XYZ" and Other Hypotheticals

Y is for Yes Man

Z is for ZZZs When You Finally Get Home