Samwise the Rhodesian Ridgeback

We got our first dog back in January. And not just any old dog. We got the perfect pup.

I'd wanted a Rhodesian Ridgeback since I was a kid and some of my earliest conversations dating Dani were about the prospect of finding a puppy that could hang with my wild spirit. 

We spent months searching.

Filling out online forms, calling breeders across state lines. We'd all but given up.

Then I found Aziza Ridgebacks right in our backyard. Aura and Jim are some of the kindest people we've ever met. They helped steer us straight and set us up with Samwise. (You can call him Sam...we are just big Lord of the Rings dorks and figured a dog named after a steadfast companion was precisely what we needed with Aria coming into the world just a few months out.) Aziza watched Sam when Dani was in the hospital. They trim his nails. They shoot us texts with little tips and tricks. They've been incredible.

Most days are a lot like the morning, which I just so happened to film for once. (SEE VIDEO ABOVE).

I'll save the sap. Frankly, Sam has been such a positive addition to our little family. He's affectionate, bold, patient and ridiculously cuddly. He never even barks. For the better part of four months he hardly left Dani's side...or bump to be more precise. He's taught me mornings are something to greet with joy and excitement and our little neighborhood has grown into his personal playground. Rhodesian Ridgebacks are the epitome of family dogs and he's been so cool with our daughter. In many ways, I think having a puppy helped train us to keep our cool with a two-legger. 

We're stopped everywhere... "What kind of dog is that?" 

"Will his hair always have that strip?"

"Is that a mohawk?"

The responses are great. I don't naturally stop and talk to strangers, but he hardly leaves me a choice.

Sam's pushing 6 months now, but I know it's only the beginning of the many adventures we'll have with our little dude.