Rules for Dating My Daughter

No man is perfect, but you better be a good man intent on getting better if you even think of dating my daughter. I remember the pursuit and the rush of falling for a girl, but this is no ordinary girl. This is my girl and I will fiercely guard her heart. That's what dads do and that's what the man in her life will do no matter what.

But that's only the beginning...

1) You will keep your passions and use them to fuel hers.

2) You will explore her soul long before her skin.

3) Be the first to apologize and the first to forgive.

4) Ask her the tough questions and challenge her to grow.

5) Show up early or not at all.

6) Be honest with your struggles.

7) Never be too cool for a love note.

8) Look her in the eyes.

9) Keep your word.

10) Actions, not things.

11) Dream bigger than ever before.

12) She is not your project. She is a partner.

13) Never bank on a second chance.

14) She's smarter than you'll ever realize.

15) When your discernment stumbles, you'll ask for mine.

16) The perfect end to a good night: Walk her to the door, hold her hand, and kiss her forehead.

17) Be consistent, not predictable.

18) Jealousy is fatal.

19) Her friends are your friends. 

20) Take it from a terrible dancer - just try.

21) Your relationship needs community.

22) Learn a recipe and cook for her.

23) Wine, not shots.

24) Don't test her brother.

25) Honor my wife.

26) Serve the least, lost and last of those around you.

27) If you don't understand something we've taught her, let's talk about it.

28) If you're too serious, you're a joke.

29) Spend time with her grandparents.

30) A broken man breaks others.

31) Pay attention to things unsaid.

32) If you only give her flowers on bad days, you're doing it wrong.

33) Try to control her and you'll lose her.

34) She can be your priority, but not your idol.

35) The little things when no one's watching make or break you.

36) Biceps move dumbbells, but a heart of gold moves my daughter's soul.

37) Do everything in your power never to raise your voice.

38) Raise a hand and I help you meet your maker.

39) A good date demands dimensions. 

40) Time by herself is not a sign of leaving you.

41) I raised my daughter to settle for nothing short of adventure.

42) My daughter values a relationship with the Lord and you will too.

43) Always check the weather and have the courage to back down when it's necessary.

44) Leave things better than you found them.

45) We can have an outstanding relationship, but you're not my friend until you're family.

46) I will ask your intentions and you better have a good answer.

47) My blessing for you to date her raises my expectations.

48) I believe in you but that doesn't mean I'll go easy.

49) Excuses won't pass my smell test. I was your age once.

50) I've been praying for you since before she was born. "Lord, please prepare the heart of a young man out there somewhere who will protect and love hers." Those are my exact words and you have the choice to live up to what's been laid out before you.