Radical Round Up 9

Just spent the last 4 days road tripping and ripping around AZ with the dudes. Can't wait to share the photos. I'm into bikes (shocker), but I highly encourage anyone reading to take a few days off and do what they love with the important people in their life.

This dude was in charge of guarding an arctic base from sneaky polar bears. Would love to have seen the original job description... 

...but he didn't fend these polar bears off from feasting on a whale carcass in Siberia.

"He forces me to look more closely at who I am, what I do and why... His example reminds me: don't ever leave your truest self behind. Sometimes when you've lost something in your life that matters, the only thing left to do is go out and find it."

Video below.

What if the people who come in our path are actually gifts whether they realize it or not? Listen here.

I had the pleasure of working with Caroline Gleich this year on some GORE-TEX® projects. I knew she was bold, but this shows her in a whole new light that rightfully shuts down her senseless haters. Here's to women who absolutely rip. I hope my daughter blazes a similar trail in her life, no matter the adversity.

New (old) footage of Dakota Roche proves (yet again) he's one of the best to ever ride.