Radical Round Up 6

These posts typically go up Wednesdays and you may have noticed that I was delinquent. It was all part of my cell phone purge while spending an incredible week in Chicago with friends and family.

That was radical in and of itself, and I only used the smartphone for navigation and pictures. It helped slow time down so I could be more present on vacation.

We had a super clear day downtown, went up the Sears Tower, checked out a shiny bean, ran around all sorts of parks, sat around bonfires and even went to the zoo. Traveling with kids was nuts, but the memories we all made made it all worth while.

I'm back in Arizona now (with jaguars) and trying not to melt.

It was a big week in BMX between Dakota Roche and Dan Lacey.

But this behind-the-scenes project with Lacey and Rich Forne was probably my favorite. If it resonates with you at all, it's gonna resonate deep.

Dani and I signed up for a fitness/nutrition plan called The Transform App...stay tuned for my evolution from Tyler Kurbat into Tyler Durden...or something like that.

The fourth episode of the Tallest Man on Earth's The Light in Demos dropped and it's delightful.

This outdoors site looks awesome and the voiceover in the video ain't too bad either.

"These pictures meant so much more to me because I had given a piece of myself to get them." - Chris Burkard