Radical Round Up 5

Family friends got us free tickets to the Children's Museum of Phoenix. I'd gladly pay $12 to go again. I got to help paint horses with Aria and they even had a bike exhibit.

Jim Burch over at 9 to 5 Hiker asked me to weigh in on balancing the work/family/adventure equation. Read the post here and be sure to check out all the great content he's been producing.

@Semi_Rad doodled more about that funny switch in perception that separates eccentricity from brilliance (insert reminder to stay weird).

The skate community raised nearly $200,000 in 2 and a half days to support the family of a fallen brother. Learn more and donate here.

“Human beings are not just reacting to influences, they have the capacity to shape their lives."

Timmy Ham (@iamsloth) is killing it with his daily Anchor talks on creativity and craft. 

I had no idea coral was so cool until I watched this video.