Radical Round Up 4

The new Michael Gervais (Finding Mastery) podcast discusses curiosity as an antidote for fear.

LaDainian Tomlinson's NFL Hall of Fame acceptance speech is about so much more than football.

Simone Barraco doing his thing all over Barcelona.

Stranger Things confirms Season 3.

Kids overcome daily struggles with genius inventions. I'm a big fan of #6.

I just joined this 14 Day Creativity Boot Camp from Fast Company and you can too.

Ever wonder how Vans got its start? Watch this.

This "battle to keep the peace" may or may not involve upwards of 100,000 homemade fireworks launched between cities. 

This family moved into a Winnebago to help their 12-year-old daughter chase her dreams of kayaking all 280 miles of the Grand Canyon. Hearing the dad talk about his relationship with his little (badass) girl is so powerful. Listen to the full story here.

I woke up before sun up on Saturday and drove to Tucson with my father-in-law to pick up this project truck. I love that he never stops dreaming.