Radical Round Up 3

"If you approach a situation with fear, you're gonna fall down."

How skateboarding helps this father of 3 battle the epic curveball of a brain tumor. 

Kyle Panis has a photo compilation titled Black Hole Sun up on his site from this week's eclipse. He packed up from Colorado and trucked it to Wyoming to capture the magic of. Americana goodness throughout. That's one of his pictures up top.

Tim Kemple snagged this one, too.

Patagonia launched its first TV ad reminding us to join the fight to protect our public lands.

"There are some nights when the house lights up in the most satisfying way and it all becomes clear for a moment or two. And I'm driven by these moments of discovery where cynicism and coldness can just melt away... These are simple songs, but they are for me, somehow, a way in."