Radical Round Up 17

Know what's not cool in my book? Adding to his long list of ludicrous conduct, Trump just reduced the size of our public lands. Know what is tremendously cool in my book? Brands like Patagonia and The North Face rising to the challenge to support Tribal lawsuits and the Native peoples in the preservation of their ancestral land.

Here's a peek into part of the area in jeopardy beautifully narrated by Craig Childs, Ace Kvale and Jim Enote. That's about as political as I'd like to get.

"Maybe this is why people remain resistant: once the full convenience of the bicycle is unleashed on society, then the takeover will be complete." Read this incredible story on why we should stop driving kids to school and start changing the world.

This is the face you make when you ride lawnmower engine bikes from Sedona to the Oak Creek Canyon lookout:

4k lightning at 1,000 FPS