Radical Round Up 16

"Rather than focus just on the physical feats of its athletes, Mountain Hardwear is throwing its support behind outdoors sportsmen and -women who are actively working in programs that benefit humanitarian or environmental causes." - Check out the Impact Initiative

Brendan Leonard (Semi-Rad) on microboredom and the slippery slope of smartphone addiction makes me want to try a similar experiment. 

I've always enjoyed the counter-competitive nature of BMX. With so many styles and technicalities between riders it rarely makes sense to pair people against one another from a judging standpoint. Odyssey and Sunday (sister companies in the industry) came up with a super rad way recently though to put a little edge on each of their teams. They rented a house in Providence and opened it up to all of their riders over the course of the summer to come and go as much as they please with the ultimate goal of producing a collective video for their team. They just released each edit and the video that gets the most votes wins that team another filming trip anywhere in the world. Love how they found a way to innovate on the format. Watch them both here. I think I'm going with Sunday.

Had a great turnout at last week's sunrise coffee hike. I'm grateful to have started off Thanksgiving with awesome people. Here are a few pictures Timmy captured.