Radical Round Up 14

"One of the guys I deployed with asked me to put off killing myself for a week or two and come climbing with him." Adventure Not War invites veterans to rewrite their history by climbing and skiing in the mountains of Iraq. Watch here

This is BMX. Wild, rowdy and raw.

The new US Snowboard team uniforms are out of this world.

I have so much fun watching Sam Larson's art page. Wish I could doodle like him.

"There was no social media, no YouTube, it was very early. Now, it blows my mind that not only can you shoot something, but you can get it out there. Just get a camera and make movies, shoot no matter what. And put it out there, because you can, and I couldn’t (laughs). All you’ve got to do is use these outlets to project and don’t just take the photos that Instagram wants you to take, but get on a plane, go as far away as you can and tell stories that not only inspire you, but hopefully inspire others." - Russell Brownley on Mastering the Art of Storytelling