Radical Round Up 12

Sorry for the hiatus last week. I was at the Epicurrence conference in Zion, Utah enjoying time off the web. More on that in a future post, but here are a few pics.

Stow these costume ideas away for next Halloween. I literally laughed out loud.

Red Bull Rampage started mere moments after I drove outta Virgin, Utah. Wish I could have seen it in person. These runs are insane, nonetheless.

I met Bobby and Jared at Epicurrence and heard about this awesome video series they did where they traveled the US to interview design luminaries. Inspiring stuff.

My (new) buddy Nick is creating super rad Americana pins

Had no idea just how sentient trees were until I read this book. If you want to experience the magic of a forest, check it out ASAP.

I'm mid-way through this true story of a young boy who survived a plane crash with his dad. Seems to be a reconciliation story where the ways of the blowhard dad actually become the key for the main character staying alive. Themes include skiing, surfing, travel and parenting.

Oh, and I took this photo of my brother in law. He dressed up like the dad from This Is Us, and wouldn't you know, being the social mogul he is, the actor and NBC took notice and shared. Too funny.