Radical Round Up 1

Hump Day heroes, stuff to stoke the stoke and other Things that piqued my interest this week.

The Tallest Man On Earth is on hiatus from recording to create a series of beautiful videos. 

Sloth drops his new product lineup Thursday at 6p MST. Tons of awesome Arizona inspiration in the mix from what I've seen.

Study claims it's actually good to take a break and head outdoors, hmm.

Everyone recommends this book. I finally checked it out and it's blowing my mind.

This dude takes super fun road trip photos that will definitely give you adventure envy.

489 days after a potentially life-altering fall, Bernd rehabbed and visualized his way back to accomplish this:

I saw on Foster Huntington's Instagram that he got his hand on some sample Van Life books that are now available for preorder.

This Julian Artaega SUNDAY edit makes me want to drop everything and ride. 

Shout out to Vans and their live stream of the US Open of Surfing. It's bittersweet no longer working the event, but the coverage of the BMX comp helped me feel that much closer from home. Highlights and more are up on the site. Dennis Enarson destroyed per usual.

Semi-Rad gave me a plug in his latest Friday Inspiration and I'm super grateful. 

I listened to this Finding Mastery podcast with Jimmy Smith again and you should too to fuel your creative grind.

Much as I rag on the Netflix binge, I'm hooked on the second season of Last Chance U. The language is in your face, but the show is basically a real life Friday Night Lights and the perseverance of the coaches and players is very moving.

Hate him or love him, Nigel Sylvester just went skydiving with his bike in Dubai.

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