Miss Aria Lee

You lay there resting, but dancing in my heart
Doctors say you're growing healthy and strong
Just like an Aria should
For Aria means lion
and our lion you will be
And Lee is for endearment
the Father says, "To me"

Now I don't know much about princesses in pink. I don't know how to braid hair or play house. But I can buy dresses. I can read you bedtime stories. and we'll travel to far off worlds between pages. I can teach you how to hike and why we love hobbits. We can watch Ferris Bueller's Day Off. And I can sneak you out of class any day of the week.

You can be my Sloan and I'll always be your date.

I can't yet afford a shotgun so I've been trying out the gym. I figure if I'm going to have to run off guys for 18 years I may need to look a little tougher. You've already hit my soft spot.

I'll do my best to always wear Vans and I never plan on owning cargo shorts. Just remember, I'm a cool dad. I'm not embarrassing. And girls can totally dig Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash and Social Distortion (just ask your aunt Chase). I'm not saying you need to be a tomboy. But I'm telling you now, I married your mom because she could hang. We go camping. She takes ME to concerts. She's wicked good at cards and she's level headed. Most importantly, your mother respects herself enough not to drown in the world and all of its gossip. You'll be wise enough to learn that the world is a much better place if you just choose love. And your beauty will not fade because dresses and makeup and nails and egos are all a shell. They come and go. But you are a lion of the Lord and He -- even as I type this -- is crafting in you a heart of gold. Nothing will ever take that away. 

I'll hold down two, three, four jobs if it means holding you up. You're going to be great kid. 

So rest up. There's five more months before you take this world by storm.

And I'll be here waiting. 

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