Little Wins

Little victories throughout the day lead to a happy life. They don't always have to be profound. Sometimes it's just the perfect timing of a little detail on an otherwise difficult day. It's my hope that everyone reading begins to take note of the little wins in their life, like: 

  • Free refills
  • A slow leak instead of a pinch flat
  • When someone puts in a new trash bag
  • When the side of ranch is free
  • A buddy grabs the tab
  • Nobody snagged the camp spot before you
  • The cop gives you a warning
  • Three day weekends
  • There's leftover firewood at the site
  • Your neighbor throws the dog toy back over the fence
  • Someone waves you into the traffic lane
  • The courtesy brights flash when there's a cop ahead
  • The duct tape holds
  • A radio station plays precisely what you're feeling
  • Free wi-fi
  • No wait time at the restaurant
  • You find an old crumpled $10 in your pocket
  • A parking spot in the shade
  • Someone brings their dog to work
  • The meeting wraps early
  • Full tank of gas
  • The professor cancels class
  • The bird poops next to you
  • The peanut butter and jelly run out at the same time
  • Gaining an hour in a new state
  • Those extra fries at the bottom of the bag

What are some little wins you've experienced this week?