Let There Be Dresses

So you might not have a wife, but I do; stoked.

And if you don’t have a wife, you’ve probably got a mom, a sister or a girlfriend.

And now, you might not be a father, but Father’s Day is right around the corner--a day to celebrate great men-- and great men treat beautiful women well beyond anything else.


Dresses get smiles.

They're a simple, delicate object that showers the strongest of women in a greater sense of value, confidence and, well, beauty. It’s not a materialistic pursuit. It’s the symbol and the gesture.

Buying your woman a dress is a bold adventure for man, but it’s a pursuit of her own heart and a battle cry for the passion within. And men should be game for adventure anytime, anywhere.

The fluorescent lights, the hypnotic music and the aromatic storefronts are alien to most brutes, save the brave few who know the worth of the hunt.

It’s overwhelming: Sizes. Cuts. Colors. Weird names like Vera and Wang. The eerie gaze of anorexic mannequins and their judgmental eyes. STOP LOOKING AT ME.

We’re on foreign shores. We’re out of our league and that damn music keeps getting louder and louder, begging an impulse buy with a huge price tag. It's easy to feel real stupid real fast.

Stay the course. Your woman eagerly awaits your victorious return.

And here’s the kicker-- your pursuit balances on the finite detail that a successful hunt lives not in the notion of how said dress will look whenst taken off your beauty, retired and crumpled on the floor, but rather, how your woman will glow from within, adorned in your love and support. So check your eyes and your heart.

Posture yourself in passion not promiscuity.

I challenge my fellow man to recognize that even the fiercest of women deserve to look like a princess now and then.


That a dress can light up the night.


That a dress is perfect for any adventure.


And dresses speak love.

That it’s okay for your woman to look stunning while she’s out with her friends.


And it’s okay if she’s out of your league. Every time you recognize your sheer dumb luck to end up with her hand in yours, it’s a construction of thanks. And your woman deserves thanks.


Save your beer money, man up and open the door. Stop staring into the windows all puppy-eyed trying to convince yourself of your own masculinity.

Throw in the headphones and blast Iron Swan for all I care (speaking from experience).

If (no, when) you get lost in the store, ask any woman for her advice. You’ll get a better end result and wholeheartedly fulfill your small daily contribution of restoring faith in humanity. In today’s society of instant gratification, shallow conversation, internet purchases and home delivery, people are blown away by a man who comes home to deliver.

And stop buying dresses to say you're sorry. You're ruining a great thing.

It’s no secret that a healthy relationship rests on much more than attire. But I promise, if you perfect the art of buying your woman a dress--for big occasions and no reason at all-- you’ll get that much closer to seeing her in the dress.

You’re going to get the wrong size. You will mess up. But there’s no wrong move in the elevation of the women who make us greater men.


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