I Sat Inside a Storm Today

I sat inside a storm today

All trail and time taken in an instant

The wind bellowed then thickened, like the careful dance of campfire smoke that lingers into morning

I fell shallow as the ravens went silent

Cars launched out of sight like shooting stars that forgot they lived in the sky


In then out with the breath of the mountain

The milky must clung to rock and rubble as if to stay with me

The higher I hiked, the deeper I plunged into the heart of the unknown

From grey to white to black and back, the stranger showed its face

I stretched my arms from side to side and soared above the space

The rain trickled upon me, as if to whisper, “Boy”

“I’ve come to sit outside you, no longer in your head”

“And once you’ve come to brave me”

“I’ll travel on, instead”