How To Have an Adventure

How To Have an Adventure

I think a lot of people are intimidated by adventure. Like it requires some secret art or knowledge. Like you have to be a part of the club or something.

And I think that's silly.

Adventure Planning 101

Just start with something you want to do and dig in. Maybe it's a picture in a magazine of some far off place or a video you saw on YouTube. Maybe it's a late night theory or a mid morning hunch. Harness that idea and you're halfway there.

Idea + Action = Adventure

Defining the Adventure

Adventure is relative. You don't need to scale a mountain or leave the country (though those are certainly fun). Adventure is simply committing to an experience and riding it out.

There are culinary adventures, intellectual adventures, outdoor adventures, artistic adventures and beyond. But they all begin with a spark and some people who begin to explore its worth. Maybe adventure for you is starting a business or a blog. Perhaps it's buying a mountain bike and hitting the trails. Maybe it's taking your kids camping or exploring your city. 

The point is that you dance with whatever piques your curiosity in an attempt to see what's there.

Adventurous Company

The best adventures are shared. Whether it's you and a friend, your family, your colleagues or experiences with total strangers, adventures have a way of forging bonds that last a lifetime.

But how do know if someone is down to adventure?

Adventurous Characteristics

The best adventurers:

  • Go with the flow
  • Invite the unexpected
  • Savor the journey
  • Embrace the moment
  • Lend a hand
  • Connect the dots
  • Voice their curiosity 
  • Open their minds
  • Explore their surroundings
  • Share their snacks
  • Learn from the hiccups
  • Stay the course

How to Know If You've Had an Adventure

If you can answer "yes" to any of these questions, chances are you've had an adventure.

  1. Did you step outside your comfort zone?
  2. Did you find beauty in new places?
  3. Did you experience points of unknowing, hesitancy or fear? Did you move past them?
  4. Did you look up from your phone to discover the world around you?
  5. Did you sweat a little?
  6. Did the simplest food taste amazing outside?
  7. Did you learn you were more capable than you give yourself credit for?
  8. Do you feel a craving to adventure more?

If there's one thing I've learned about adventure, it's that adventure truly comes in all shapes and sizes. I've camped in Alaska, driven the West Coast, rafted the Colorado and jumped out of planes. But adventure is also starting a new job, having a kid, learning a language or fixing something around the house. Adventure meets you where you're at.

You just have to see the chance and take it.

Use the tag #AdventureInEverything if you believe adventure is within reach. Let's inspire others together.