How To Have an Adventure Anytime, Anywhere

It's not difficult to be a full time adventurer. You can do it anywhere. You can explore anything. You can experience a deeper side of life any day of the week. Here's how:

1) Look beyond the surface

2) Start asking open ended questions

3) Try a new route

4) Toss the plans out the window

5) Pay attention to what's happening around you

6) Say yes

7) Document your journey

8) Discuss your discoveries

9) Embrace a state of play

10) Walk there

11) Ride back

12) Notice movement

13) Seek patterns and trends

14) Feel the moment

15) Focus on your breath

16) Engage your fears

17) Start doing what you've been putting off

18) Ask a stranger for help

19) Offer to help a stranger

20) Share reasons to smile

21) Don't look at the clock

22) Leave one key element at home

23) Don't go it alone

24) Fix what is broken

25) Stay curious

26) Trust your gut

27) Climb it

28) Be the hero

29) Be a newbie

30) Swim in questionable water

31) Get your hands dirty

32) Assign a theme song to your day and live accordingly

33) Ask "What would Indiana Jones do?"

34) Roll down the windows

35) Procrastinate once in a while

36) Do it again