Hike with Us On Saturday

man on hiking trail in Arizona

Last week I tossed out an open invite to anyone who’d like to join me for a sunrise hike in northwest Phoenix. I’m happy to report I didn’t hike alone.

Family, friends, coworkers and new friends showed up with mugs in hand and we had a great morning together. The hike up Westwing Mountain was nothing major, but the view from the top offered panoramic views of Lake Pleasant, downtown Phoenix, glimmers of Four Peaks and a front row seat of the rising sun. 

It was the perfect backdrop for freshly brewed coffee and fun conversation.

And seeing as I bought entirely too much coffee and fresh water for last weekend alone, I’m hoping to make this a recurring event. So here’s another invite!

hikers in Arizona

Where's the hike and when?

Join me this Saturday, Dec. 10th at 630AM. We’ll meet on the street nearest 27682 N 89th Ln, Peoria, AZ. You're free to come and go as you please.

coffee mug on top of mountain

What can you bring?

Bring a coffee mug and some extra drinking water. Last time I lugged up way too much water and it’ll work out best if we divvy up the weight a bit. Plan on saving at least 12oz of your drinking water to donate to the coffee boil. You may consider bringing a light windbreaker for the summit since winds were ripping last weekend. And if you’re uncomfortable hiking in low light you might bring a headlamp or flashlight, though most of time on the trail will have plenty of visibility.

Who's coming?

Here's the thing - I have no idea yet. It might be two of us and it might be 20. But if you bring a friend there's sure to be more.

Why are we hiking, again?

I’ve spent a lot of mornings hungover, lazy or just plain sleeping. And that approach leaks into how we live our days. I’m trying to shake things up and build a community of friends who are hungry for the days ahead. I want to start my days in shared appreciation of the beauty and good stuff that surrounds us. I want a reminder that it’s possible to go out and salvage inspiration. I want to hang with other people who want to be something.

I believe that shared adventures are some of life’s best gifts…and that they’re that much better with a little coffee.

making coffee on a mountain

Some quotes from last weekend:

  • "Man, I should go hiking more."

  • "Why are we up this early again? (sees sun) This was worth it!"

  • "We should do this more often."

  • "Where do we pee?"

Help me spread the word. Share this on social media and kick me a message if you plan on attending!

 See ya on the trail. #AdventureInEverything