Grinders Unite: Hike and Hang this Weekend

This is a call for makers and doers - a call to band together to clench inspiration and forge new friendships … atop a mountain with some coffee. It’s one part social experiment and two parts radical.

Who’s a Grinder, you might ask.

The way I see it, anyone who fancies themselves deep thinkers, risk takers, action takers, art doers, music players or any other creator is a grinder. What’s that? You made kids? Yeah, you’re a grinder. Oh, you started a garage band? Grinder. You paint shoes? Yup, Grinder.

And chances are, if you’re anything like me, inspiration and fellow creatives ebb and flow about as quickly as energy throughout the work week.

What are we going to do about that?

We’re going to hike a damn mountain this weekend, drink coffee at the top and watch the sunrise (it’ll take about an hour total, but the high will last all week).

You in?

Meet at in the cul-de-sac nearest Westwing Mountain North (the residence nearest the trailhead is 27682 N 89th Ln, Peoria, AZ), this Saturday at 6:30AM. Feet hit trail by 6:45AM. And don't worry, the hike is no biggie.

DO BRING: your favorite coffee mug and whatever you hike in. Plus friends or the desire to make more friends.

DON’T BRING: negativity, doubt, judgment or politics. 

I’ll brew coffee at the top with my fancy camp stove.

What can you do to help?

That’s easy:

  • Show up so I don’t hike alone
  • Kick me a message so I have an approximate headcount
  • Help share this post on social media (even if you can’t make it, it may inspire someone else)
  • Give me high fives so I don’t question if you enjoyed it
  • Tell me we should do it again so our community continues to grow deeper, more genuine, and creative together

I firmly believe that the great outdoors and shared adventures bring some of life’s best inspiration. If you feel the same, we can move mountains… or at least hike them.

Oh, and the picture's from Alaska. Because local adventures and small sparks send you all over the map.