Grateful For: This

This is it. 

This moment, this place, this person you are today is what you've got to work with. And man, is it easy to forget that.

Dabble too far in the past and you sink in. Peer too far in the future and you stumble. Each is like trying to navigate life through a telescope or a microscope. Sure, each offers a lens, but without the present, you sort of neglect the big picture. 

This is it.

Not tomorrow. Not over there. Not then. Not before. Not later. This is it and the more days you wake up and embrace this, the better your days become. I'm a week into Christmas PTO and it's easy to savor time when it feels like time is on your hands. The challenge is recognizing it mid-grind. The skill is embracing the journey of life when you're staring down an hour of traffic, getting lost in a good song instead of a quiet fury. The art is scaring yourself on a work night instead of dulling the pain. The discipline is looking beyond your Instagram feed and into the beauty that surrounds you. The humility is staying thankful for what you have instead of growing bitter from what you want.

Of course you can dream. Of course you can reflect on the past and the joy or lessons it's brought you. But the danger is losing this for then or this for that.

If you're reading right now, this is your chance to drastically change the way you're living. This is an invitation into daily adventures. This is the key.