Grateful For: Crib to Kitchen

If you’re fortunate enough to be a parent, you know the feeling. Or maybe if you have a really good dog, you can sort of relate. Or maybe if you still take the time to love your spouse.

But there’s something about those tender moments before you depart for the day when it’s just you, that thing you love and the early morning light. Somewhere between wet shower hair, racing around to gather - then juggle belongings - and opening the door with your elbow/chin. Somewhere before traffic and meetings and other adults with other adult responsibilities. Somewhere before busy. Somewhere before stressed.

I call it “crib to kitchen”.

After I’ve lifted my daughter into the air, slung her sleepy body over my shoulder and gotten a face full of her trademark bed head, we savor the 20 steps from crib to kitchen. There’s no epic backdrop, but with each stride I feel purpose and fulfillment. It’s just her and me and we’ve got the world for the taking. Time slows the more I squeeze her in, and though her vocabulary is quite limited, somehow she expresses a similar gratitude for our morning stroll together. We start our day with love.

I always claim those moments when I get them. They don’t happen every day, but I take as many as I can because someday when she’s all grown up I may not get any at all. And I never want her to question how much I adore her.

I think it’s important you recognize these blips of time. They’re tiny frames that form the movies of our lives. They’re little pep talks that spark joy, wonder, and amazement no matter your age. Small, unassuming gestures that make a world of difference when you just make them a priority.

Don’t get complacent. Take the scenic route. Detour your day from crib to kitchen.