Get Inspired For Your Next Adventure

Looking for extra motivation this summer? Trying to get outdoors? Here are some sources I use to stay inspired on my hunt for new experiences, activities and backdrops.

I hope these websites, apps and resources empower you to do the same.

Hoopla Streaming

Stretched for time but still want to do your homework on where to go and how to do it like the pros? All you need is a local library account and this handy dandy app offers countless audiobooks, ebooks, movies and more FOR FREE. It's transformed my work commute.

For starters, check out:

Or find your own!

If you still prefer the hard copies, you can grab them here:


The Dirtbag Diaries Podcast

Whether you're launching into the outdoors or you're a seasoned pro, the great gang from Duct Tape Then Beer provides truly raw stories that inspire, challenge and enable listeners to chase down their wildest dreams. These podcasts have everything from soul searching to Tales of Terror, redemption and beyond. Topics span cycling and camping, climbing, road trips, injuries, kayaking, photography, backpacking and more. Basically a whole archive outdoor goodness. Each episode also features awesome music from emerging artists, all of which are listed and linked at the bottom of each post.

A few stories have even evolved into full blown video projects like Paul's Boots.

I first connected with Brendan Leonard as a writer. I was drawn to his amazing ability to humble the outdoor experience and present it in a funny and very relatable way on He's got a great way of debunking the myths and encouraging anyone of any experience to just go for it. Whether you're crossing the country on a beater road bike or packing your apartment into the back of a van, he's in your corner. I met Brendan in person this year and I'm happy to report he's every bit the awesome human he presents on his blog.

New posts go up every Thursday or you can get your daily fix on his Instagram

Brendan's also published a handful of books. I'm a big fan of these Sixty Meters to Anywhere and Make It Til You Make It:


Inspirational Instagram Accounts

I've made a conscious effort over the last year or so to cultivate my feed into stuff that really motivates me to live a bolder life. I try to limit the amount of food posts and products that enter my feed and replace them with mountains and treks, photography and journeys. And of course the people who make them all possible. People like:

And a ton more who get me psyched to play outside.

Adventure Journal

Steve Casimiro is the modern badass who made a place for historical badasses, current adventure truths and damn near the most real pulse on the outdoor industry that's available anywhere. His project, Adventure Journal, is available to a degree online, but the real magic is his glossy quarterly zine.

Vimeo Adventures

I could spend days (and maybe I have) sifting through the awesome video content coming out of Vimeo. To see what I'm talking about, check out the Gnarly Bay account, Camp4Collective and projects like Denali, The Important Places and Time Travelers.

Outdoor Brands

Brands and their products come a dime a dozen, but there are a few in my book that really rise to the occasion with stories and causes that are simply amazing. Yeti has done a fine job recently of connecting customers with very powerful narratives. Patagonia continues to set the bar. Outdoor Research has a personality entirely its own. REI stays ahead of the curve. Mountain Bike companies like Specialized have whole series of Adventure Dispatch videos, as do trail running brands like Solomon.

Google Maps

Click around and take a digital adventure. It's that easy. It's sort of a conscious stumble through cyberspace that often unveils new trails, backdrops and waypoints for epic adventures.

Getting inspired isn't very hard with all of these avenues. Getting started is the difficult part. It's that first step that stops everyone I know.

So, here's the challenge. When the hairs on your arms stand up, chase them. Turn thoughts into actions and dreams into realities. I don't care if you step out your backdoor or board a flight halfway around the world. Just get inspired and get to it.

My lifelong buddy Ted did and now he's knocking countries off his list day by day!