Fidgety Friction and Creative Collaboration

I'm fidgety. 

Always been that way and probably always will. I throw myself into new experiences head first and figure out how to swim once I'm fully submerged. Some call it crazy. I call it craft. It's the conscious vulnerability and willingness to challenge my own thought processes and absorb wisdom from teams. It's the thrill of innovation. It's leaping off and flapping wings as the ground races that much closer. I fiend for it. I crave the opportunities that flex the norm and shatter the mold.

It often lends a noisy headspace. I'm often at wit's end. I'm irritable, restless and polar, but it's this space and this storm where I create. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

The blogging front has been pretty silent these days, but that's not to say I haven't been grinding. 2015 we made a baby and got a dog. We still made time for adventure. And 2016 brought change. I began work at LaneTerralever and I'm privileged with the chance to bring new life to a legacy brand. It's a killer opportunity to blend my personal passions with my professional skillset. I can't say much yet, but I will venture to guess it's going to be a big summer for the GORE-TEX® Brand. More on that soon...


And while much of my attention is pulled that way, I wanted to stop and celebrate some of the high points from my time with Kitchen Sink Studios and its incredible team. They all know we're still family, but I miss them all the same. I had an exhilarating run as Brand Strategist and loved every chance to draft messaging, web copy, film scripts, taglines and marketing strategies for all kinds of killer clients.

I'm especially proud of this Huxton Film. I'm told it recently took Gold at the 2016 Phoenix Addys for cinematography and I'm so grateful to have played a small part. I had so much fun writing the narrative. Huge shout out to Brandon Barnard, Erick Lashley, Tim Stansell, Doug Bell and the Kitchen Sink Studios crew for the incredible film and production. I'm confident we'll continue to craft many more amazing things down the road.

And I know they'll continue to earn more awards in the meantime!

Oil Nut Bay was another unique opportunity to draft a voiceover for an intriguing audience. It's arguably the loftiest demographic I've ever tried to connect with, but I think it came out well. Here's the video.

I had the chance to write some quick broadcast spots for Avilla Homes.

And even a whimsical explanation of an innovative app called Bravo.

We storyboarded film concepts for tables. And I got to work alongside designers like Aubreigh Brunschwig, Michael Tippet, Wynn Burton and Jason Johnson to ideate billboard campaigns and web for culinary projects popping up in Central Phoenix, craft killer posters like this and so much more: 

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 8.39.14 AM.png

All this to say I'm thankful for collaboration. Because being fidgety is only movement for movement's sake if it's not near others. It's that friction. That healthy collision of fidgety minds and ideas that burns into something powerful.

I'm thankful to have created alongside amazing people with unrivaled talents and I hope we continue to challenge what is possible.