Forging Fatherhood

This time last year I asked your mom to marry me. We'd just jumped out of a plane. We've since explored the country and set up a permanent base camp in Arizona. Though it's more than she'd probably like to disclose to the world, we're pretty confident you started your journey in Zion and we couldn't be happier. 


I couldn't think of a better story than beginning our chapter with you during an adventure of our own -- scaling the heights of Angel's Landing and sleeping under the stars -- it just means you'll be entering this world with a bit of grit, an appreciation for the outdoors and a whopping dose of wanderlust (which is absolutely fitting, considering we're your folks). If it wasn't Zion, you might have happened in Tahoe, which is also awesome.

You're due in April and we can't wait to meet you.


I'm already learning so much from you. You're giving me more direction than any map ever could and I don't expect this spark will ever fade.


Your mom is happy too. She might be sick a lot but that doesn't mean she's not glowing.

You've got a great mom. Be nice to her.



Strong like pocket aces and whiskey on the rocks

Cool like coming autumn and wisdom in your walk

May you welcome friends like sunrise, loving through the tide and storm


knowing that you have a purpose from the day that you are born

True yourself when you may stray so you’ll roll long and straight

And do not waste the nights when you lay wide awake

Feed your mind with things of kindness, wander and of wonder

Set your heart ablaze with truth and never fear the thunder

You’ll become who you were born to be

Have the patience, see it through

And we’ll be there to guide you

’cause we’re on this journey, too


Seek the rooftops of the world

Test the depth within your soul

Chase your needs not the desires

And put out all your fires

Sometimes you’ll bend

You will not break

Have patience, see it through

You’ll learn to lead

and love to serve


Sometimes a wolf, always the pack

Stay brave and see it through.