Fanning the Flame of Your Inner Creativity

Far too many people are convinced they're not creative. I hear it every day.

"I could never do that."

"I'm not that creative."

"My mind doesn't work that way."


But the truth is we are all creative in our own regards and creativity isn't something you catch and keep in your pocket. You don't bottle it up. Creativity is a hunt for passion and when you find it, you wear it on your sleeve. It perches upon you like a hawk, ready to soar. It's an ember in a dried out field.

Whether it burns is up to you.


I don't blame you if you think you're not creative. I just think you're wrong.

You've got to look beyond the veil of the creation to grasp the creative process. If all you do is look at the finished masterpiece, then of course, it's hard to wrap your mind around the talent that brought it forth. 

Creativity is a process.

It's a cycle that feeds on itself. The products are but a tangible of the cycle. 

You think Sloth just hits "print" on his machine? You think DadSocks just wakes up, shakes a can and pops out a piece? You think Daniel Kim is just in the right place at the right time ... all the time?

I got news for you: These guys kill it because they're on the hunt and they fan the flame of their creativity. They keep their passion burning.

And so can you.


It's the what.

What do you want to do? What do you want to create? What will you become? What will it be?

Inspiration is the puppet master of the hairs on your neck at 3 AM. Inspiration is the whisper of some grand scheme as you sit gridlocked in traffic. It will strike you whether you're ready or not. 

You've got to anticipate the whisper that wants you to shout.



Why should your idea -- your spark --turn to flame? Why does the world need your take? Why does is matter? Why do we need it?

Your motivation is a steadfast mission to see your inspiration to life. It's your silent creed to create and revise, refine and reform. Motivation is the antidote to doubt. It should cast away your fears and hesitations. It has to be big enough to push you forward and simple enough to sit on your heart.


And frankly, your motivation only has to work for you. If it agrees with others, that's fine. Chances are it may not. But this is your game.

If your motivation is faulty, your inspiration will fail.


Your ability to learn will make  or break your ability to perform. Somewhere someone has done something similar to your. You will save yourself countless painful hours if you can spare a few moments of humility.

Watch documentaries. Attend a lecture. Ask questions. Go to a workshop. Get your hands dirty. 

The best way to get better is to start and the best way to start is to do something with someone who is already better at it than you. Become an apprentice. Walk as a disciple of craft and mind. But don't be a fan. Appreciate the mentor. Work like them, but don't become them.

And step up as a mentor yourself. If you can effectively teach someone your ability then you've got a good grip on it. 


Challenge is a necessity of creative advancement. Accept challenge and embrace it.

Life will give you all sorts of challenge, but a mentor can streamline the ones that are necessary. Welcome their challenges. Wax on. Wax off. This is the tuition you pay to progress your passions.


Rethink what is possible. Explore new mediums. Sample new styles. Discover what you're made of in the times you don't think you'll make the cut. 

Repetition is discipline, but it's not a step toward creativity.


Oil the machine. Your mind needs release. Your heart needs fresh air.

Release is an invitation to inspiration. It refuels your craft so you can shake things up.


Take a road trip. Go on an adventure. Listen to a record. Ride your bike. Clear your mind and start again. You're not neglecting your craft. On the contrary, you are investing in its future.

If you can't keep things fresh -- if you're not having fun -- that spark will fade. The ember will lose its glow. Step away from time to time and look within.

The world needs what you hide inside. 


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