Camp Personas

In every campsite, around every campfire, on every road trip, people tend to fall into one of a few key personas.

The Chef

Arranges killer meals from seemingly random ingredients. Serves others (as long as they do the dishes).

The Hype Man/Woman

Has a hard time enjoying the present moment because the stoke is so high for everything else on the to-do list. Often rallies the troops for one more lap, another shotgun or a midnight hike. May or may not also become camp DJ if a speaker is present. The group can always count on the hype man to turn around a bummer day.

The Lounger

Quietly reflects on life while laying in a hammock, against a tree or anywhere just out of earshot from the group. Enjoys company but is also perfectly content with silence and observation. Doesn't speak much, but when they do, everyone listens and learns.

Keeper of the Flame

Embraces inner neanderthal and stops at nothing to maintain campfire. May or may not smoke out entire forest battling wet logs from morning rainfall. Succeeds on sheer perseverance alone.

The Squirrel

The wild card. A human pinball who is committed to everything but the group consensus. Timelines for arrival and departure are optional. The squirrel invents camp games which appear totally absurd until others join in and get hooked.

The Voice of Reason

Enforcer of rules, self-imposed curfews, artificial schedules and overall camp ethics. North star of the campsite who reminds everyone that there is still life after camp, fires must be put out and trash must be collected. The Voice of Reason is a silent guardian of camper and campgrounds everywhere, ensuring people live to camp again.

The Documentarian

Films, photographs, edits and journals the trip like their life depends on it. A little aggressive in the moment, but all effort immediately pays off when the group gets a first glance at the footage.