"Show me your friends and I'll show you your future."

I'm convinced my friends and I could conquer the world if we set our minds to it. Conquer the world, but for all the right reasons.

My people don't fit in a box. We're vagabonds with deep roots. We're painters and thinkers and roamers and seekers. Most of my friends can live out of one bag and a few of them still do. 

They're the best best man. The guys who take a hit and wipe it off. The guys who crave redemption.

We check in on one another because we all have our scars. 

We've developed a creed over the years. We believe we've "forgotten better memories than some people have ever had." But we don't take it for granted.

I'm convinced my friends and I could conquer the world. But we'd need a central mission.

We'd have to be beacons.

We'd have to gain a level of awareness that our influence has power. That our words hold meaning. We'd have to feed our passions. Especially when we're apart.

My friends are musical. They're creative. They're deeply artistic. Some of them are the most talented individuals I've ever known and they don't even realize it. They're honest and they're brave. In a world of over indulgence, information saturation and materialistic pursuits, they remain simple.

But the few things they have and the few things they do, they do right.

We would need to hold each other accountable. To challenge the other to create. To invest. To love deeper. To go further. 

We span the globe at this point but my friends are always with me. The mountaintops never fade.

I think about them all the time. Wonder if they're off on another grand adventure. Wonder if they're doing alright. And it gets me thinking. 

Where will we be in the future?

I think we'll be conquering the world.

I think we'll be fathers and beacons of hope. I think we'll be reminders that humble beginnings are where it's at. I think we'll pedal til' the wheels fall off. I think we'll cherish a woman. I know we'll be strong. I think our faith in one another will forge a greater faith still. I know we'll sleep in tents. I know we'll be the guys who found their dreams because I see you searching every day.


We won't sell out.

We won't give up.

And our numbers will grow.

Light it up dudes and lady dudes. 

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