The ABCs of Biking

The ABCs of Biking (Cycling, Bicycling, Pedaling)

A is for Air Time and Adrenaline

B is for Balance, Bonking and Blow Hards

C is for Coasting, Chafing and Culture

D is for Dialed and Downhill

E is for Endurance and Endos

F is for Fun

G is for Gains, GUs, Gels and Gravel

H is for Hammer and Hucking and Hardtail

I is for Incline

J is for Jumping

K is for Kicker and Knobbies and Kits

L is for Loop Out, Lips and Lines

M is for Mountains

N is for Nosebonk

O is for OTB (over the bars)

P is for Pinch Flats, Patches and Pub Crawls

Q is for Quads

R is for Rhythms, Road Rash and Redemption

S is for Send It, Shralper and Shred Sled, Skidding and Shinners, Scoping and Spinning

T is for Traction and Tubeless, Toughness and Truing, Turndowns, Tailwhips, Tacos and Touring

U is for Unity

V is for Velo

W is for Wheelies, Wobbles and Whiplash

X is for XC (cross country)

Y is for Y-Wrench

Z is for Zip Ties

Hero picture of me jumping James Haunt at Woodward West by fellow cyclist/amateur pro racer/vagabond/photographer Stephen T. Smith