5 Awesome Adventure Videos to Get You Through Hump Day

Wednesdays -- perhaps more affectionately referred to as "Hump Day" -- are my favorite day to start planning my next adventure. There's just something about choosing to see the week half full and harnessing the opportunity to do something great with the freedom that comes on Friday evening and the beauty beyond.

I often scour Twitter and Instagram for a spark, then shoot on over to Google Maps to mark out my weekend assault (which reminds me I'm going with a few friends to find Life In Death Valley this weekend...post to follow).


But I've found that to truly capture the essence of adventure you can't forget to pluck the heartstrings. If these videos don't spark your wanderlust, nothing will.

Without further ado, here's 5 Awesome Adventure Videos to Get You Through Hump Day.


I once transcribed this entire script just to know what it feels like to write fire.

Mickey Smith has the grit most men dream of. He does what he has to so he can live the life he loves. You may recognize his iconic style from the Ben Howard music videos.

Brendan Leonard (the dude who does Semi-Rad.com ) reminds us that a radical life is the result of simple joys and the relentless pursuit of the everyman's adventure.

Here's to full tanks, new horizons and road trips with great friends.

And this is why you have to find a beautiful adventure friend. 

I'm tired of people binge watching Netflix only to show up back to work on Monday feeling like every day is a rerun. This is a challenge. This is an invitation to step outside your comfort zone and participate in the world. 

I'm a firm believer that opportunity surrounds us. All of us. Even you. 

There's #AdventureInEverything. If you don't believe me, just search that hashtag on instagram and tumblr. Or better yet, start tagging your adventures and help to spread the word.

Happy Hump Day!

Adventure On.

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