40 Life Lessons From a 27-Year-Old Father of Two

I don’t pretend to know everything about being a father, but I can’t pretend my two young kids haven’t taught me a lot about life.

Every day is a rollercoaster. Usually in a good way. They throw me for a loop, help me remember to smile ear to ear, and show me that sometimes as much as I like to think I’m driving, sometimes I’m just along for the ride.

I could go on for days about it all, but here are some of my favorite things I’ve learned so far:

1) Kids are mirrors. They’ll show you your strengths and weaknesses without restraint. Pay attention.

2) Music is for dancing. It doesn’t matter where, when or what genre. Move to your own beat.

3) Butterflies are crazy. Popsicles are the bomb. Rainbows are mind blowing. The world is amazing when you take it piece by piece.

4) Everyone deserves a hug before bed, a goodbye as they leave, and a welcome home.

5) High fives are way better than handshakes.

6) We all shit the bed sometimes.

7) There’s a season where crawling is monumental.

8) Kind eyes go further than loud words.

9) It’s really, really, really fun to see friends and family.

10) Vegetables are pretty important.

11) We should all tell our parents thank you more often.

12) It’s fun to start the day before the sun rises.

13) Getting dirty is much more fun than bathing. Leave your mark.

14) Sitting still is super boring.

15) Inside each of us is a princess, a hero or a king.

16) It doesn’t always take words to communicate our deepest needs.

17) Matching is overrated.

18) Strangers are surprisingly interesting.

19) Animals are awesome.

20) The world is not as scary as it seems.

21) Stars, man.

22) Perhaps the best thing is a nap from time to time.

23) Joy is a verb.

24) You gotta reach to get the best bite.

25) It’s better to stay in the light.

26) You don’t need every toy that catches your eye.

27) The monsters under the bed are afraid of happy thoughts.

28) You should try to clean up your own mess, but it’s okay to ask for help.

29) Being pretty on the outside is nice, but being pretty in your heart is best.

30) Nobody is ready to be a parent, but anyone can rise to the occasion.

31) Don’t underestimate sharing.

32) Farts are always funny.

33) Papas can fix anything.

34) Grandmas have food for the soul.

35) It’s incredible what results come of trying.

36) Art is fun. Even if it only lives on the fridge.

37) The neighborhood park is just as epic as Disneyland.

38) A little walk calms a frantic mind.

39) Nobody hates on baby steps.

40) Put down the screen.

Shout out to my wife, Dani. You give your heart and soul to our kids every single day. I may never be able to put words to all that you've taught me. 

Feature image by ShelbyMaryann. If you're in search of an awesome family photographer, hit her up!