15 Simple Ways to Make 2015 the Most Adventurous Year Ever

The average New Year's Resolution commitment plummets after a month. People fall off treadmills, crawl back to the caffeine and find themselves saying, "maybe next year". 

I think that's a crock.

As the setting sun of 2014 fades ever closer the horizon, I, for one, am dedicated to making 2015 another one for the books. 2014 was arguably the highlight season of my entire life. I went skydiving, touched ground and proposed to the woman of my dreams. We got married, took a 3,000 mile road trip up the Pacific Coast Highway and made a kid in Zion National Park. I took countless camping trips with friends. Watched dear friends get engaged. I still ride BMX. I'm making a living working with with words and I can honestly say that blessings are real.

But a year full of adventure takes many moments of posture, passion and positive outlook. An adventurous year requires the ability to witness #AdventureInEverything, and that perspective is shaped by these key steps.

Hope is the foundation of an adventurous future. Let go and move forward into the new year. You have to believe that things get better. You've got to pursue a light in the dark. You must be open to the possibility of redemption, forgiveness and everything life throws your way. You have to own the idea that maybe some of the best days of your life are just around the bend.

Filter every consideration through your new found hope. Siphon each thought. Choose to see life as a grand adventure, no matter the circumstance. Decide that every detour presents something to learn. Deny doubt any ground in the fortress of your mind and guard your heart with the promise of hope.

Harness every opportunity to spread love. Win every encounter and empower. Build up those around you and your spirit will soar.

I want to see less phones and more conversation. Simple acts of kindness and well crafted surprises. More invites and less exclusivity. The most valuable adventure is the exploration of those that surround us. The most valuable destination is a full heart.

Be relentless in your authenticity.

We live in an age where Instagram and the social giants subject our joy to the FOMO (fear of missing out). Check yourself from time to time. Are you celebrating the blessings and adventures others are fortunate enough to experience?

Or do you sit in constant envy?

Do you wish you had it better? Do you spend more and feel less? 

This is tri-fold: Get stoked on the good fortunes of others. Be thankful for what you have and where you're at. And finally, be honest with yourself and be the best you. Be the type of person you'd want to meet and then make that person even better.

Rid yourself of the rivalry, but keep the courage to take an honest look in the mirror.

Maintain your passions in the sea of life. Nurture your calling when the walls close in. Perfect your craft when days turn to chaos.

Keep. On. Keeping On.

I've seen too many people throw in the towel, hang up the skates and give up something they love on a day they hate. For me, it's a love hate relationship with writing. My best work often surfaces on a day I feel like giving up.

Whatever your passion, don't let go.

Start early.

Give yourself an IV full of coffee. Do whatever it takes to bless the morning.

I'm a nightowl, but I've learned to crave the rising sun. There's something about training your being to anticipate the coming day.

It's the Rise and Grind mentality.

Sleeping in has its place but when it's the norm, you'll be the norm. Start early.

Starting is the biggest leap in the fruition of any adventure.

Worry is the most crippling of mindsets. Do not fear. Accept the things that shake you and shake them off. 

You must face your fears. And slowly but surely, one step at a time the world becomes your playground.

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.

Lead others. Step up and guide. Be the courage and the light.

If you want to learn more about yourself, pour more into someone else.

Sooner or later everyone needs a hero. Why can't it be you?

Fires are powerful.

A couple sparks and a few choice friends make for an evening you'll always remember. Round up some quality people and start the flame. Stop spending way too much money on mediocre food half way across town. 

Start the flame, cook together and mend your community. 

Don't go it alone.

An adventure is only as good as the company you keep.

It's not always about where you're headed, but who you're with.

Spend more time in a tent.

It'll clear your head and fill your heart.

Embrace the culmination of your life.

Welcome additions to the family. Get excited with every step forward. Anticipate the alignment of the stars.

 Step back and witness the miracles that frame your existence and forge the future of your family.

Stay the course.

Decide. Commit. Succeed.

Stay persistent in your journey. You'll explore uncharted waters, but keep your wits about you. 

Keep your compass. Stay the course.

Never underestimate the power of your influence. When your heart stings move, move your feet. Move your hands. Move others. 

It'll move mountains.


Invite others. Spread the adventure. Teach them our ways.

If you want to teach anyone anything, do not simply tell them. You must show them.

Live your life like the grand adventure that it is. Show people a life outside the mundane. Show people a life outside fear. Invest in love. Invest in growing others. Step outside your comfort zone.

Don't talk about it. Be about it.

Here's to 2015 and the road ahead!

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